Stifle Brace For Dogs Helping Your Pet Enjoy Running Again

Stifle Brace For Dogs Helping Your Pet Enjoy Running AgainMan’s (and woman’s) best friend, like their owners can suffer injuries or experience health aliments that cause damage to the tendons in their front and back legs. Dogs can go lame or show signs of limping for various reasons, from muscle sprains to arthritis. But when an active pup abruptly becomes unable to put weight on any one of its legs, it in most cases the diagnosis can lead to the cause being a torn cruciate tendon.

A torn cruciate tendon is often referred to as an anterior cruciate (ligament) tendon injury, something that can be a direct result from some kind of trauma or injury, however it can also simply be due to the normal wear and tear caused over time. Because the dog’s back leg is constantly bent at the knee, this creates a constant stress being applied to the animal’s forward cruciate tendons.

Stifle knee brace for dogs can play an indispensable role in treating knee trauma and injuries in dogs. The knee brace for dogs works in the same way the human (ACL) knee braces do for humans. It prevents the forward slipping at the knee’s joint, which can cause the tearing of the forward cruciate tendon.

Our knee brace stabilizes a dog’s injured knee while helping to reduce the pain that’s associated with an injured knee ligament or joint which allows the pup to be able to once again walk on all four legs. The Stifle brace for dogs uses the corrective powers needed to support the correct joint function. This process allows the animal’s natural healing course to take over.

Getting the dog’s injured knee supported and corrected is important, because typically when the dog injures or suffers trauma in one knee he or she will begin putting an unequal amount of its weight on the strong leg. That can and quite often will lead to injury in the healthy knee also.

The Stifle brace for dogs not only decreases pain it also helps to relieve swelling, lowers the fatigue or tiredness in the injured knee allowing the dog to relax the injured leg. Our knee brace will also give an injured pet a much needed boost in their confidence allowing them to feel comfortable using their recovering leg. It also significantly reduces the occurrences of the knee giving way before it’s fully healed.

There is a Stifle brace for dogs available for every breed of dog, whether big or small. Most animals adapt quite well to wearing the knee brace within a few days, although the adjustment period requiring a week or so is not uncommon. The adjustment time can sometimes depend on the age of the dog and severity of the injury.

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