Andogo - Gizmo And Me
Gizmo and Me

From the first time I saw him, It was a first look love, And no, I’m not talking about mi husband and not about my son – I mean my Gizmo, a three years old Chihuahua who is the gorgeous puppy I’ve ever seen.

And then, after the Days pass by, I started to think how can I make to feel spacial and make everyone to know that he is the most spacial puppy that I knew. So I began to search for some accessories around the web that will fit Gizmo, But every product I found was, well how to say… boring…

Eventually, I decided to create Andogo, which is the ultimate place for those who want to make their puppies looks outstanding at home at any other place they go.

Today, Andogo has a crew of 25 puppy lovers and serves ten of thousands of puppies around the world. All of out little customers walk at the royalty garden, or the street grab looks from all around.

We would live to hear from you about any subject or get any kind of Idea that can apply to Andogo.