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Why use dogs umbrella?

Have you ever get your dog outside in the rain, took an umbrella for yourself, and thought why he should get wet while you are under the umbrella?

Use our Dogs umbrella

This is one of those times when you see something and ask yourself – how come that I do not have this product for my dog…

Dogs umbrella will protect your dog from the rain and will give him or her the opportunity to do his stuff without getting wet from the rain.


How does it work?

Our dog’s umbrella, connect to your dog’s collar and give your dog the freedom that he feels when he gets out to do his stuff usually…

This way, you and your dog can get outdoors and not get wet…

Wendy Gold
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Got it and it absolutely brilliant product! my dog can feel great when we go out in the rain!
Brenda Sims
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Andogo has such an awesome products! thanks for this umbrella, Got it for FREE and just paid for shipping
Ellen Nova
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It is so so useful, I don't have to think twice it it is the right time to get out with my dog. Thank Andogo!

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